Roles is a feature that was created to bulk assign multiple subjects to a certain type of person in your organization, or someone with a certain "role". 

For instance, a manager at your company might have 11 different subjects that are relevant and must be learned for their job. Once you have established this, you can create a role for those subjects and bulk assign the same set to any other current or future employee that shares the role. 

To build a role, start in the "Subjects" view which can be found in the main navigation. Be sure to select "All" from the filter list if you wish to select from all subjects, published or unpublished. Click the blue button for "Create a role".  

In the pop-up box, enter a name for the role, and click the checkboxes next to all relevant subjects. 

Once you have defined the role, you can assign the role to new users when inviting them to Trainual, or to existing users by editing their profile and selecting a role from the dropdown list. 

Assigning a role will automatically assign all selected subjects, and give the user permission to access this content. 

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