Trainual's Library feature allows all users to see the titles and subject outlines of all subjects in the organization without seeing the actual content inside. This can be useful in a couple different scenarios. 

  • Some organizations may not want to inundate their users with material by assigning content that will not be relevant for some time. In that case, the organization can instruct their users which subjects they will be responsible for, and let the user request access at their own pace through the library.
  • This can be helpful for keeping the organization's overall completion percentage accurate, since content that is assigned and not completed will negatively impact the completion score shown on the dashboard. 
  • Next, some organizations choose to offer promotions or wage increases based on a user's completion of a certain set of material. In cases like this where employees should be proactive about completing non-required material, the library is useful for facilitating requests. 
  • Lastly, this can be very helpful for employees looking to earn a promotion. You can grant them access to content they need to be skilled in before becoming eligible for a promotion.

Note: If a user already has access to a subject, they can click on the title of the subject in the Library section to navigate to the applicable content.

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