Bring on the bragging rights! 🙌

Your team members have worked extra hard to complete that subject you assigned them. Now, let them show off that hard work with a shiny completion certificate! 🤩

To use completion certificates you need to FIRST enable Beta Features in your account.

  1. Go to Settings > Account Info
  2. Scroll to Advanced Settings
  3. Find Enable Beta Features and turn on the slider

Now, you just need to turn certificates on for the subjects you want them awarded for.

  1. On the Subjects page, click on a subject you want to use certificates with
  2. On the Subject Editor screen, click the 3-dot menu and select Advanced Settings
  3. Turn on the slider next to "Award certificates upon completion?"
  4. Click the Save button

After a team member completes a subject, they'll see a cool gold medal badge on the subject card. Way to go champ!

They can then click on the badge to view their shiny completion certificate. A copy will also be emailed to them.

NOTE: Certificate shininess is dependent on the cleanliness of the user's screen 😉

Admins and Managers can also view a user's certificates. Just look for the same gold medal badge on the user's profile page. Clicking it will bring up the certificate.

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