We've added a new permission level to allow for more flexibility when creating Subjects.


  • Can edit Subjects they have been assigned to
  • When an editor marks a Subject as Pending Review, we will notify all admins to review for approval
  • When an editor edits something that has already been published, it will be returned to draft mode until approved by an admin

As an editor, you will mark a Subject as Pending Review when you want to request approval.

Editors can include helpful notes to direct admins to their updates.

The notes will be included in the admin notification email.

Clicking 'View Content' will allow open your account. The alerts in the upper right-hand corner will show you what is Pending Review. 

From here, you can open the Topic and set it to Finished.

If you'd like this feature enabled on your account, email support@trainual.com. 

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