Premium users now have the ability to record their screen from right within Trainual! See below for a quick how-to. 👌

  • From within a Step, click on the + to access more options.
  • Next, select the Record Screencast button.
  • If it's your first time recording your screen, you will need to download the screen recorder software. Click the Download Now button in the pop up. You will only need to do this once! 
  • To begin, select Launch Screen Recorder, then Open Screen Recorder Launcher. 
  • A new frame will open with preferences. You can choose to record your screen, webcam or both! You can also choose to narrate or record without audio.
  • To begin, hit Record. We will give you a 3-second buffer then begin capturing your screen.
  • When you're done recording, click on the Pause button. This will prompt a new window to open where you can cut your video (because we know all too well that it's easy to make mistakes 🤣).
  • You will have the option to Upload, Redo or Cancel. If you to choose Redo or Cancel, we will automatically delete the video.
  • Click Done and the video will automatically be inserted into your Step! 

If you don't have a premium account, you will be prompted to upgrade if you try to use the recording tool. 

For uploading a screen recording in a non-premium account, check out this helpful article

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