If you use OneDrive as a file storage tool, you can take advantage of its embeddable viewer to share files such as Word documents, PowerPoint slide decks, Excel Spreadsheets, PDFs, and more.

Getting the Embed Code from OneDrive

  1. From OneDrive open the file you want to share
  2. Click File->Share->Embed
  3. In the Embed box, use the available settings to determine how the embedded file will appear
  4. Use the Interaction menu to determine how viewers are able to interact with the embedded file, such as ability to print
  5. When all settings have been determined, copy the Embed CodeĀ 

Embedding in Trainual

  1. Navigate to the Step where you want to embed the file
  2. In the toolbar, click the More Misc menu and select Code View
  3. Paste the copied code, and then, click Code View again to see the newly embedded file in its interactive viewer

As a reminder, viewer embeds are available for most files stored on OneDrive.

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