You can assign a subject to a user in 4 different ways:

1. From All Subjects Card View

In all Subjects, click the gear under "Users Assigned." In the pop-up window, select the users to assign by clicking on the drop-down that says "Select Users."

2. In a Single Subject

Upon opening the Subject, you will see the Users Assigned area below the Subject title.

3. From the User Profile

Inside a user's profile, you can click the green "Manage Assign Subjects" button to select multiple Subjects to assign to that user.

4. When Assigning a Role to a New or Existing User

If you have roles created (see article on roles), you can automatically assign all relevant subjects to a user by assigning a role when they are invited to the system, or assigning/changing their role by editing their profile.

To assign a role to an existing user and to have all Subjects related to that role be automatically assigned, find them on the Users page and click the pencil next to their name to edit them. A similar drop-down will appear when adding a new user.

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