Tests are a great way to check how well your team members are retaining the information they've learned in an assigned Subject.

To create a new Test, type a desired test name in the Add new Topic/Test field. Then, click the Add Test button.

Next, determine your Test Settings

To add Test questions:

  1. Select an Answer Type: Multiple Choice or Written Response
  2. Type your question prompt
  3. Add possible responses
  4. Select the correct response (for Multiple Choice only)

You can add additional answer choices, as needed.

🔥 HOT TIP! You can make your test questions 1000x MORE engaging by adding images, videos, GIFs, and other multimedia!

Tests can exist anywhere before or after the Topics within a Subject. This means you can create pre-tests, conduct knowledge checks after each Topic, and/or create a comprehensive final exam at the end of a Subject.

Test away, my friends!

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