To use the Trainual & Loom integration:

  1. Go to the step where you’d like to add your video.

  2. Click the REC button in the text editor.

  3. Give Loom permission to access your webcam and microphone (you’ll only have to do this once).

  4. Click ‘Start recording’.

  5. Select whether you’d like to record your tab, entire screen or window.

  6. When you’re finished, select the red square to stop recording.

  7. Click ‘Insert recording’.

Video Tutorial

To embed video into your Trainual account using quick embeds:

  1. Once you've recorded your video click "copy video link".

  2. Then, click the Quick Embed tool (the blue lightning bolt in your step toolbar),

  3. Search and select Loom

  4. Paste the URL.

  5. The video should then appear in your Step

Video Tutorial

To use Loom outside of Trainual as a third-party resource:

  1. Sign up using one of the following:
    • Email address
    • Google login
    • Slack login
    • Apple login

  2. Download then click on the Loom Chrome extension.

  3. Set the following to your preference: Screen and Camera, Screen Only and Camera Only, Audio.

  4. Start recording.

Video Tutorial

🗒 Please note: Loom will work on Google Chrome v90+, Microsoft Edge v90+ & Brave v1.22+ browsers.

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