The third Advanced Subject Setting is expiring completion which lets you set an expiration date for when completions should expire.

If you select Yes for Expiring Completion, you will have three options:

  1. A user's completion will automatically be set to 0% either 30, 60 or a custom number of days after initial completion.
  2. If you set it to expire a number of days after completion, for example 100 days, then users' completion would be set back to zero 100 days after they first completed the Subject. This means that all users' completions would expire on different dates (since it's based on when they completed it first).

When a completion is set to expire, it will show the rule on the Subjects page like shown below.

For users, they will see the completion rate on My Desk, and also inside the Subject.

Lastly, in Reports, a user's completion will drop to 0% once their completion expires.

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