After selecting Users from the navigation menu, click the Invite User button in the upper right hand corner. Next, select Bulk User Upload.

CSV is the only acceptable format for the mass upload option. When the popup appears, you can download the Bulk User CSV Template for reference (see below).

Your CSV file will need to contain the following columns: Name, Email, Permission (billing admin, admin, creator or general), Title (optional) and Role (optional). You may drag and drop the CSV or select a file to upload.

You have the option to Import & Invite Users or simply import them now and invite them at a later time (read more about that here).

By default, a check will appear in the Invite new users now box. To invite later, simply deselect this box.

Next, click Import & Invite users.

*Please note: You must have enough user slots available on your account. If you need additional user slots, you can learn about upgrading your plan here.

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