Need a way to ensure your team members complete a subject within a certain timeframe or by a certain date? Add a due date!

FYI - Due Dates are available for Premium subscribers only

To add a Due Date to a subject:

  1. Navigate to the Subject Editing page for the subject
  2. Click the 3-dot menu at the top right and select Advanced Settings
  3. Turn the Enable Due Date slider on and enter the number of days users will have to complete it once it's been assigned
  4. Click Save

Due Dates are based on when the subject was originally assigned to a user. Consequently, due dates can vary from user to user.

For example, if a subject has a due date in 10 days and the user is assigned on August 6th, the due date for this user will be August 16th. Someone assigned 2 days later will have a due date of August 18th.

Note: Users will receive a reminder email 3 days before the subject is due, 1 day past the due date, and every 7 days after the due date until it has been completed.

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