Alright friend! You want to get your business out of your 🧠 ? GREAT! Here's the easiest way to get started!

🔥 HOT TIP: Make sure you know how content is structured in Trainual. If you need a reminder about what Subjects, Topics, and Steps are, click here.

Start with Outline View

This view makes it easy to start braindumping what's in your head.

Outline your Subject

Start by adding a title for your new subject. Then, click the Add Subject button.

Next, click the plus sign next to the Subject. This opens the Topic level. Add the name of the first Topic in your new Subject. Then, click the Add Topic button. Repeat this process to add the Topics you'll need.

Click the plus sign next to any Topic. This opens the Step level. Add the title of the first Step in this Topic. Then, click the Add Step button. Repeat this process to add the Steps you'll need.

You can easily rearrange your content by dragging and dropping.

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