Have questions about your past billings with Trainual? Review this article to learn how to view and manage your receipts and billing information.

📝 Important note: You can only access account billing information if your permission level is Billing Admin.

To view your Billing History, follow these guided instructions:

  1. Log in to your account

  2. Click Settings > Billing & Plans

3. Click the button that says "View Billing History"

4. A pop-up similar to the one below will then appear. This pop-up will list all payments that you have made, along with any upcoming payments in the top right.

5. If you would like to automatically receive receipts for future payments, click the "Receipt Settings" button as seen below.

6. Once you're in the Receipt Settings - check the box, enter your email, and save! You will now automatically receive receipts when your subscription renews.

7. To download or email a past receipt, check the box next to the desired payment(s) and click "Download Checked" or "Email Checked" at the bottom of the pop-up. This will automatically save the receipt to your desktop, or send it to your email on file.

If you are a Billing Admin and have questions about any past or upcoming payments, feel free to email support@trainual.com for additional support. 🙂

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