You can uncheck your completion for a single Step if you accidentally marked it as complete or wish to leave it incomplete to review at a later time.

📝 Please note: Only those with Billing Admin, Admin, and Manager permission levels can uncheck a Step for completion.

To uncheck a Step for completion:

  1. Click “My Desk” on the left-hand navigation bar

  2. Click the Subject the Step lives in

  3. Click the Topic the Step lives in

  4. Click the desired Step.

  5. Click the green “✅ Mark Completed” text at the top right of the Step.

You will receive a notification that the Step completion was successfully removed.

🔥 Tip: Steps can only be unchecked for completion when they are viewed in the “My Desk” section. Steps cannot be unchecked for completion while creating/editing Subjects in the “Subjects” section.

Next, learn how to clear completion for an entire Subject.

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