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After you have created Roles in your Trainual account, you can use them to bulk-assign content to all of the people in your organization by Role (based on job title, department, leadership position, etc.). You can streamline your content assignment by bulk-assigning multiple Subjects to a Role and/or bulk-assigning multiple Roles to a Subject.

To bulk assign multiple Subjects to people by Role:

  1. Navigate to your preferred Role Manager page clicking People on the left-hand navigation bar > clicking "Roles" > and selecting a Role.

  2. Click "Manage" in the Subjects Assigned section

  3. Select the box on the left-hand side of each Subject you want to add

  4. Click "Save"

Now, each person with your selected Role (appearing in your People Assigned section) is assigned to all of the Subjects in the Subjects Assigned section. 💪

To bulk-assign multiple Roles to a single Subject:

  1. Navigate to your preferred Subject by clicking Subjects on the lefthand navigation bar and selecting a Subject

  2. Click "Manage Roles"

  3. Click the "Select Roles" dropdown and choose the Roles you want to assign to the Subject

  4. Click "Save"

Now, everyone assigned to at least one Role that was added to your Subject will automatically be assigned to the Subject. And don't worry - a Subject will never be assigned to someone twice (even if that person is assigned to multiple Roles that were added to a Subject). 👍

🎥 Learn how to use Roles to assign Subjects in the video below:

👉 Check out the whole How To Build your Business Playbook video walkthrough tutorial, created by our amazing L&D coach, Shawn.

📝 Please note: Unpublished Subjects will not appear under assigned peoples' profiles until they are published.

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