When uploading a CSV file with multiple users, there are a few things that will need to be included.


You must keep the column titles/headers exactly the same as they are in our template (They are: Name, Email, Permission, Title, Roles, and Teams)

If you are missing a required column, you will receive an Import Failed notice with a failure reason. You will need to fix the errors and retry.


Name, Email, Permission, and Title cells must be filled in. Roles and Teams sections are optional and can be left blank.

If you choose to include roles or teams, they must already exist in the system at the time of upload. Also, if you decide to apply more than one role to a specific user, please separate the roles by commas in your CSV file.


The Bulk User Upload popup will tell you how many invites you have remaining for your plan. Only invite the number of team members you have room for in your account. If you attempt to add more users than seats available, you will receive the below message.

If you need, you can upgrade your plan to add more team members or archive old people to make room for new people.

If a user with the same email already exists, they will not be added again. In this case, you will receive a Partial Import notice informing you of the emails already in use.


Ensure there is only one space between words in your upload (ex: if you are adding Han Solo to your team, ensure there is only one space between "Han" and "Solo"). If there are too many spaces in between words in any row, you'll receive the following error message.

🔥 Tip: A quick way to check this is by pressing [Command + f] on a Mac or [Control + f] on a PC to search for double spaces throughout your document.

Still having trouble? Don't fret! Reach out to us at [email protected] or click the chatbox on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen - we'd be happy to help get you squared away.

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