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Create New Topics With Slack
Create New Topics With Slack

Use Slack to create new Topics inside existing Subjects in your Trainual account

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If you're like us, you use Slack to streamline communication with your team. Learn how to use Slack to add new content to your Trainual account.

❗️To add a Topic to an existing Subject in your Trainual account with Slack, you must first add the Trainual Integration to your Slack account.

To create a new Trainual Topic from Slack:

  1. In a direct message or channel, use the lightning bolt icon and select "Create Topic with Trainual"

  2. Select the Parent Subject where the new Topic should be placed

  3. Add a title for the new Topic

  4. Choose a channel or a person to share it with via Slack

  5. Click "Add Topic"

Now, your new Topic has been created in the designated Subject in your Trainual account and is ready to be edited.

Learn more about creating content with Slack:

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