✨New Playbook Feature✨

Your team needs to know all about your basic company-wide info - who works there, what department everyone is in, your mission/vision/values, and more!

To add your need-to-knows to your Trainual's Company category, follow the directions below.

📝 Please note: Only Billing Admins, Admins, and Managers can create a Subject.

🎥 Learn how to create a Company Subject from scratch in the video below:

👉 Check out the whole How To Build your Business Playbook video walkthrough tutorial, created by our amazing L&D coach, Shawn.

To add a new Subject to the Company page:

  1. Click "Company" on the left-hand navigation bar

  2. Click the "Add Subject" button on the top right-hand corner of the Company page

  3. Fill out the info in the "Create Subject" section and click "Save"

  4. Your new Subject has now been added to your Company page in draft mode, signified by the orange "unpublished" label

🔥Tip: Quickstart your content creation by snagging a Company category Template (including Welcome to [Your Company], Company Glossary, Industry Overview, and more!)

Now that you've created your Subject, it's time to add a Topic.

❓ Want to add content that doesn't fall under the Company category? Read about the Policies and Processes categories.

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