Bulk assign content based on job title – saving you time, boosting accountability, and keeping Trainual organized as you grow.
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Roles are one of the most POWERFUL tools in Trainual because they let you bulk assign content to groups of people that share similar responsibilities. This saves you time and sets your team up for success as you grow. PLUS, using role responsibilities to clarify “who does what” in your business helps everyone know their job duties and ensures your business runs like a well-oiled machine.

🎥 Learn About Roles in the Video Below:

Check out the whole How To Build your Business Playbook video walkthrough tutorial, created by our amazing L&D coach, Shawn.

🛠️ Think “roles = jobs to be done” in your business

Maybe everyone in your company has only one role. Or perhaps, like most small to medium-sized businesses, your team wears multiple “hats" and owns the job responsibilities for multiple roles. Either way, we recommend building a distinct role for each of those “jobs to be done” so that when you’re ready to scale, your business Playbook is too.

Here are some examples of roles that we have here at Trainual:

  • Content Creator

  • Copywriter

  • Director of Engineering

  • Director of Finance and Operations

  • Director of Marketing

  • Director of Product

  • Engineer

  • Engineering Intern

  • Engineering Manager

  • Executive Assistant

  • Product Designer

  • Product Manager

📝 Recap

It's simple. Just create a role or select a role from our catalog of suggestions tailored to your industry. Then, start documenting the responsibilities for each role and assign any relevant content. Last, add people to the role to automatically assign them the content and responsibilities you have selected for that role.

Boom! 🤜 💥 🤛 Efficiency!

🔥 Pro tip: Don’t know where to start? Try collaborating with your team to outline each role's responsibilities. That will give you invaluable insight and help you begin identifying where you need to document new content.

🌟 There are no limits to:

  • the number of roles you can create

  • the number of subjects you can associate with a role

  • the number of roles you can assign to people

Learn more about roles:

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