Welcome! We're super excited to have you on board! Now, let's get you on track to get your business out of your 🧠

Step 1: Customize your Brand Styles

You began this process when you set up your account. Now, finish it to make your account look and feel like your business.

To learn how to customize your account, click here [insert new brand styles doc]

Step 2: Add Collaborators

Documenting your business can be daunting. Use the Author and Contributor permission levels to get others involved and lighten the load 💪 .

To learn about the different permission levels, click here

To learn how to invite new users, click here

Step 3: Start Outlining

Outlining is the easiest way to start getting your business out of your brain. Use the Outline view to frame out your subjects.

To learn more about how to outline your content, click here

Step 4: Add Content

Finally, flesh out your newly created Subjects with the content your employees will see. Use a combination of text, images, videos, GIFs, links, and more to give them something to engage with as they learn.

To learn more about how to create content, click here.

You're ready to go! If you need help, click the purple chat bubble on the right 💬

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