When you're growing and scaling your team, it can be pretty tedious to add everyone one by one. With the Bulk User Upload, you can add your whole team at once with a CSV upload.

To bulk-add your team:

  1. Click the People tab on the left-hand navigation bar and then click "Manage"

  2. Click the dropdown on the "Invite" button on the top right-hand corner of the page

  3. Select "Bulk Invite User"

  4. Click the "Download Bulk User CSV Template" link to download our template to your computer

  5. Open the CSV template and save it as your own file in CSV format

  6. Edit the Name, Email, Permission, Title, Roles, and Teams sections for your team members

    📝 Please note the following as you fill out the template:

    • You must keep the column titles/headers exactly the same as they are in our template (They are: Name, Email, Permission, Title, Roles, and Teams)

    • Name, Email, Permission, and Title cells must be filled in

    • Roles and Teams sections are optional and can be left blank

    • Ensure there is only one space between words in your upload (ex: if you are adding Han Solo to your team, ensure there is only one space between "Han" and "Solo") - a quick way to check this is by pressing [Command + f] on a Mac or [Control + f] on a PC to search for double spaces throughout your document

    • If you'd like to add a person to multiple Roles or Teams, use a [comma + space] in between listed Roles/Teams (as shown by example in the CSV template)

    • Ensure you have added the Roles and Teams to your account prior to listing them in your CSV

    • The Bulk User Upload popup will tell you how many invites you have remaining for your plan. Only invite the number of team members you have room for in your account. If you need, you can upgrade your plan to add more team members or archive old people to make room for new people.

    👉 Learn more about troubleshooting bulk user upload

  7. When you're done editing your CSV, drag and drop it or click the "or select a file to upload" link to upload your CSV from your computer

  8. Check the box next to "Invite new users now?" to instantly invite your whole team or leave the box unchecked to add your team to your account and invite them at a later time (read more about that here).

  9. Click "Import & Invite Users"

  10. You'll get a notification that your upload was successful and your teammates were added

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