Compare plan features, check out our downgrading FAQs, and learn how to downgrade from within your account.

While you can downgrade your plan at any time, it may be helpful to review our plan agreements side by side before doing so!

First, here's the plan feature comparison:



βœ… Major Features Include...

βœ… All Train features, plus...

πŸ’œ 10+ seats

⭐ 20+ seats

⭐ SSO (Single sign-on)

πŸ’œ Completion Tracking & Reporting

⭐ Due dates

⭐ HRIS Integrations

⭐ ATS Integrations

⭐️ Custom setup support

⭐ + More to come!

πŸ’œ Email & chat support

Wondering what features you'll miss out on when downgrading your plan?

We have the answers below. ⬇

❓FAQS - Downgrading From Scale to Train

Question: What will happen to the subjects I've already created?

Answer: The only settings that will be disabled are due dates and public share links. Everything else will remain the same!

Question: If I already set up SSO, can I continue using it if a downgrade?

Answer: No, SSO will be disabled. If you upgrade in the future, you can re-activate this feature.

Question: Will I still have integrations?

Answer: Yes and no. You will not have access to any HRIS or ATS integrations (Gusto, Bamboo HR, Zenefits, etc). However, you will still have the Slack and Zapier integrations!

Here's how to downgrade your plan

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Click your profile icon on the top right corner of the screen.

  3. Select "Billing & Plans."

  4. Click "Downgrade" on your desired plan.

  5. Confirm plan details (Monthly or Yearly payments, your plan type, and your seats).

  6. Check the box in the bottom left to confirm you understand the feature changes with your new plan.

  7. Click "Next."

  8. Review payment information.

  9. Click "Confirm & Pay."

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Have additional questions? Message our support team in the chat bubble on the bottom right of your screen or by emailing

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