Compare plan features, check out our downgrading FAQs, and learn how to downgrade right from your account.

You can downgrade your plan at any time! Before you make a decision, it may be helpful to review our plan agreements here.

First, here's a plan feature comparison




✅ Unlimited documentation

✅ All Build features, plus...

✅ All Train features, plus...

✅ 2 People

💜 10+ People

⭐ 20+ People

✅ Roles &


💜 Advanced content settings


✅ Loom screen recording integration

💜 Completion tracking & Reporting

⭐ Due Dates

✅ Templates

💜 Zapier integration

⭐ HRIS Integrations

✅ 700+ content embeds

💜 Custom branding

⭐ ATS Integrations

✅ Org chart & directory

💜 Unlimited Tests

⭐ Phone support

✅ iOS & android apps

💜 Content owners

⭐ + More to come!

✅ Slack integration

💜 Time estimates

❌ No Train + Scale Features

💜 Email & chat support

Wondering what features you'll miss out on when downgrading plans?

We have the answers below. ⬇


Downgrading From Scale to Train

Question: What will happen to Subjects I've already created?

Answer: The only setting that will be disabled is due dates. Everything else will remain the same!

Question: If I already set up SSO, can I continue using it if a downgrade?

Answer: No, SSO will be disabled. If you upgrade in the future, you can re-activate this feature.

Question: Will I still have integrations?

Answer: Yes and no. You will not have access to any HRIS or ATS integrations (Gusto, Bamboo HR, Zenefits, etc). However, you will still have to the Slack and Zapier integrations!

Downgrading From Train To Build

Question: What will happen to Subjects I've already created?

Answer: Your subjects will still exist, but you will no longer be able to track completion. When downgrading, your subjects will be converted to reference material.

Question: If I already added custom branding to my account (logo, colors, etc), will this be removed?

Answer: Yes, the system will remove your logo, and everything else will revert to Trainual's default brand styles. The system will lock this feature unless you upgrade to the Train or Scale plan again.

Question: What will happen to the Tests I've created?

Answer: We will not delete your Tests; instead, they will be locked and inaccessible on the Build Plan. If you upgrade to the Train or Scale, your Tests will be made available to you again.

Question: I downgraded to the Build Plan, but I still see features listed under my Account Settings > Advanced Settings. Do I have access to these?

Answer: All features will be listed in your Settings but will have a lock symbol🔒 next to it if it's not available on your plan. The lock symbol indicates you have to upgrade to access the feature. If there is no lock, the feature is available to you!

Question: Will I still have access to Subject Advanced Settings?

Answer: No, the Advanced Settings for Subjects will be visible, but locked and unavailable for use. You can access the settings on Train or Scale!

Question: Will anything change with the People in my account?

Answer: Anyone who has Contributor, Author, or Manager permission level will be converted into a General user. Only Billing Admin, Admin, and General user permissions are available on the Build plan.

Here's how to downgrade your plan

  1. Log in to your account

  2. Click your profile icon on the top right corner of the screen

  3. Select "Billing & Plans"

  4. Click "Downgrade" on your desired plan

  5. Confirm plan details (Monthly or Yearly payments, your plan type, and your seats).

  6. Check the box in the bottom left to confirm you understand the feature changes with your new plan

  7. Click "Next"

  8. Review payment information

  9. Click "Confirm & Pay"

To learn more about your Billing & Plans page, click here!

Have additional questions? Message our support team in the chat bubble on the bottom right of your screen, or by emailing

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