You can ensure your team consumes Topics and Tests within a Subject in a specific order by using the Force Order feature. When you enable this feature, your teammates must fully complete the first Topic in a Subject before proceeding to the second, and so on. All future Topics in the Subject remain locked until the prior Topic is fully completed.

To Force Order of Topics and Tests for a Subject:

  1. Navigate to your preferred Subject by clicking on the page where your Subject lives on the lefthand navigation bar (Company, Policies, or Processes)

  2. Click the three dots on the top right-hand side of the page

  3. Click "Edit Subject" on the menu that populates

  4. Toggle the option to "Force order of Topics and Tests?" on

  5. Click "Save"

📝 Please note: Your teammates can still navigate to the Subject from My Desk, but they will be unable to go straight to a Topic or Test that is locked until they complete the previous Topic/Test.

Learn more about Advanced Subject Settings:

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