Written Response Test Questions
Use Written Responses to better assess how your team is learning and retaining knowledge.
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If you're looking for a more robust way to test your team, try using a written response test question!

To create a written response test question

  1. Edit the subject you would like to add a test to

  2. Type in your test title in the same section you would add a topic, and click "Add Test"

  3. Edit the test and click "+ Add Question"

  4. Select "Written Response" from the dropdown

  5. Enter a required word count amount

  6. Type out your question

  7. Trainual will auto-save your changes!

Minimum Word Count

Trainual cannot grade written responses. That's your job! However, you can set a minimum word count for the responses. If set, users must hit the minimum word count you have designated to "pass" the question. If you leave this field blank, Trainual will not require a minimum word count and the response will be marked correct if they submit it.

๐Ÿ”ฅTip: Since written responses are not graded for content, it's a best practice to review all responses. Let your team know that, if needed, you'll review written responses with them individually.

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