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Welcome back! 👋 Our team is excited to bring you more expansive plan options as you continue to build your business playbook. We now offer a variety of plans with costs better tailored to your company's size. You can still scale up or down at any time!

There are 3 new plan types available to help you build your business playbook: the 1) Build Plan, 2) Train Plan, & 3) Scale Plan.

📚 Build Plan

  • Perfect for small businesses with 5 or fewer people

  • For leaders who are just beginning to document their SOPs

Comes with...

✅ 5 people

✅ Unlimited documentation

✅ Templates

✅ 700 + Quick Embeds

✅ Roles & Responsibilities

✅ Org Chart & Directly

✅ iOS and Android apps

✅ Loom screen recording integration

✅ Slack integration

❌ No Train or Scale Features

Base Price:

  • Annual Billing: $49/month (20% off 🤩)

  • Monthly Billing: $61/month

💪 Train Plan

  • Equivalent to the retired Pro Plan option

  • Great for organizations looking for team accountability

  • For leaders who are ready to take their onboarding & training to the next level with completion tracking, Reporting, integrations, and more

Comes with:

Everything in the Build Plan plus...

💜 10 people (option to add more)

💜 Zapier integration

💜 Completion tracking

💜 Advanced Content Settings

💜 Unlimited Tests

💜 Content Owners

💜 Reporting

💜 Custom Branding

💜 Time Estimates

💜 Chat & email support

Base Price:

  • Annual Billing: $99/month (20% off 🤩)

  • Monthly Billing: $124/month

  • Additional people start at $3/person

🚀 Scale Plan

  • Equivalent to the retired Premium Plan option

  • Awesome for companies looking to level up their training with the built-in GIFY + Stock image library as they grow & scale

  • For leaders who are looking to take advantage of SSO + HRIS integrations for importing their team

💜 Everything in the Train Plan plus...

⭐️ 20 people (option to add more)

⭐️ Gify & stock photos

⭐️ SSO

⭐️ Due Dates

⭐️ HRIS & ATS integrations

⭐️ Phone support

⭐️ + More to come!

Base Price:

  • Annual Billing: $199/month (20% off 🤩)

  • Monthly Billing: $249/month

  • Additional people start at $4/person

🔥 Tip: Our Annual Billing Plans automatically factor in a 20% off discount for paying upfront for the year. Also, the price per person goes down as your team grows, so be sure to connect with us to learn more. 🎉

👉 Learn how to make plan changes right in your account by visiting our Billing & Plans resource.

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