If you are wanting to check in on a teammate to see how far along they are in their assigned content, when they were last active, and what they've been working on most recently in the platform, you can do this via the Manage People page.

To view a person's completion progress & latest activity:

  1. Click the People tab on the left-hand navigation bar and then click "Manage"

  2. Click on your preferred person

  3. Click the "Subjects Assigned" tab to view the person's progress of each Subject they are assigned

  4. Click the "Latest Activity" tab to view the latest activity for that person

📝 Please note: If a person has started a Subject but has not yet completed a whole Topic within the Subject, their progress/activity will not be shown in the Subjects Assigned Section or the "Latest Activity" section. Progress/activity is only recorded in these sections upon the completion of a whole Topic in a Subject that requires completion.

👉 Learn how to view progress and the latest activity for your whole team.

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