Role suggestions are created based on the industry you selected when you first signed up for Trainual. The purpose of suggestions is to help you to start using this tool and to assign content more effectively!

To create a Role based on suggestions

  1. Click People on the left navigation

  2. Select Roles

  3. Click Add Role

  4. Click show me suggestions

  5. Click the + button next to any Roles you want to use

  6. Click Save

  7. The roles should now appear on your Roles page

  8. To add Subjects to the Roles you just added, click the three dots to the right of the Role and click Edit. From here, you can add and remove Subjects that you want to associate with this Role.

See this in action below. ⬇

That's it! 🎉Once you're ready, you can assign the new Role to people on your team. See how to assign a Role here.

Learn more about the purpose of Roles!

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