Strategy Guide: How to Build a Content Creation Team

Learn how to build a kick-butt team to help create your playbook

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Building your business playbook can be a pretty daunting task. You COULD do it all by your onesie...but why not tap into the wealth of knowledge and expertise all around you: Your Team!

Here, we'll show you how to find the best people to involve as you begin your playbook-building journey and the steps to take to ensure it gets done right.

Step 1: Determine Your Focus

There are TONS of things you could document in Trainual, but you likely don't have the capacity to tackle them ALL at the same time. I mean, come on, you've got a business to run after all ๐Ÿ‘

Determine what the area of greatest need is and start there. I believe big time in one simple rule: Start small to go big!

You might decide to do this part on your own so you can establish the structure, look, and feel of your content. Or, you might have someone else who's better at the kind of thing help you out.

Check out our Strategy Guide for Establishing Account Standards by clicking here.

Step 2: Identify Your Champions

If you have the luxury of not being a one-person show in your business, it means you've got other people around you (physically and/or virtually) who are potential playbook creator candidates. So, who should you be looking for?

Tech-savvy, organized, training-minded, insightful, & self-motivated people

These are the team members who love your business and what they do in it. They "get" your vision and have a natural ability to motivate others. They also have a keen eye for organization and aesthetics. In other words, they really care about making things clear and nice-looking.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

A SME is someone who has abundant knowledge on a specific topic. Whether thatโ€™s a skill, type of knowledge, or a specific job. They have such a deep understanding of their subject that they know it inside and out, from best practices and frameworks to different ways to approach and think about a topic.

Remember to start small. Identify one or two champions to help you to establish your model and process FIRST. Then, once these are solid, you can expand out. Depending on what your organization looks like, you may identify champions across your various departments and teams so everyone is represented in your content.

Step 3: Determine Permissions & Ownership

With your Champions identified, you need to determine what level of access they need to have. For a full rundown of each Permission level, click here.

  • If they only need to edit a Subject once you've created it, make them a CONTRIBUTOR.

  • If you want them to be able to create Subjects from scratch and be able to publish them but not assign them, make them an AUTHOR.

  • If you want to give them the full keys of creation, publishing, and assigning, make them an ADMIN.

If you want someone to have full administrative oversight over a specific Subject, make them the Subject Owner. They will be able to edit, publish, and even assign the Subject. Any user type can be made the Subject Owner for a Subject, even a General user.

Step 4: Have A Formal Kickoff

I'll never be the one to advocate for useless meetings so trust me that this one is super important! Set a date and time to gather your new Content Creation Team so you can:

1. Introduce Trainual

If you haven't done so yet, clearly communicate your vision for Trainual and how you envision it will be used in your company.

๐Ÿ’ช Coach's Tip: Consider also doing this as a video that you can embed in a Trainual Subject when you roll it out to your whole company๐Ÿ‘Œ

2. Explain the Content Creator role

Introduce them to their roles as content creators and define what the expectations will be.

  • What will they create and/or oversee?

  • How and when will they collaborate?

  • How much time should they spend each week building content?

3. Establish a Quality Assurance Process

How will you make sure the content that's created for your team meets the standards you've identified?

  • Will there be an approval process before content is published?

  • Who will review it for content quality?

  • How will approval (or non-approval) be communicated?

  • Who decides when it gets assigned?

Make sure this is clearly defined and agreed upon during the meeting and be sure to document it in Trainual!

Work Together to Make a Plan

Identify realistic but flexible goals and milestones for building out your playbook. Determine together what the check-in cadence will be and make sure everyone's onboard. Then, break, and go make it happen ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Step 5: Check in Regularly

I'm putting this here as its own step because it's often the place where the whole content creation process breaks down. The name of the game here is...

You set the milestones in your kickoff meeting and decided together on the check-in cadence so be sure to check in according to that cadence to ensure those milestones are being achieved.

Step 6: Celebrate Achievements & Milestones

You're going to work hard and build a lot of content together. Make sure you stop every once in a while to take stock of what you've accomplished and to celebrate it!

Let's recap!

  1. Determine your focus

  2. Identify your champions

  3. Determine permissions & ownership

  4. Have a formal kickoff

  5. Check in regularly

  6. Celebrate achievements & milestones

Once you've built that sweet content, check out our Strategy Guide for launching Trainual to your company by clicking here!

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