Roles and Teams are two features in Trainual that sometimes get mixed up. While they complement each-other, they serve very different purposes.

Let's break down these features by definition first, then apply a practical example for a deeper understanding.

➡️ How they are defined:

  • Roles are how you assign content. Roles can be assigned to multiple subjects to segment content groups. Users can have multiple roles.

  • Teams are how you group people for management and reporting. For example, if you have multiple locations, you might group users based using their location as a Team (e.g New York Team, Arizona Team, etc.) Teams also works in tandem with our Manager permission level.

➡️ Practical Examples:


Let's say you have a social media coordinator (Role) and they are part of a marketing department (Team). Your Social Media Coordinator will need specific subjects that don't apply to anyone else. You assign those specific subjects to the Role.

Let's say your Marketing Manager needs to oversee everyone in that department. Well, that's where Teams comes in. Teams allows you to group users based on department, location, etc.


Using the same example, when you give your Marketing Manager the Manager Permission Level, and assign them to a specific Team, that manager can:

  • create, edit and publish content for their team

  • assign content to anyone on their team

  • manage users and completion reports for anyone on their team

In other words, you empower your Manager to oversee a specific group of users on their Team. 💪

➡️ Quick Recap:

  • Roles is for the delivery of content to your People

  • Teams is for the management of a specific group of People

  • Teams works neatly in tandem with the Manager permission level

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