You added an image to a step, but it doesn't look exactly how you want it. Use our advanced edit feature to make changes to your photo!

To open the advanced editor:

  1. Click on the image you would like to edit

  2. Click the three-lined icon on the toolbar.

  3. Once you have made your intended edits, click "Save"

๐ŸšจNote: Any changes to the photo you save cannot be undone.

Menu of editing options:

Undo - this will undo the last change you made

Redo - This will redo the last change you used the undo button for

Reset - this will reset the photo back to its original state. The reset feature will not work after you have saved the changes!

Delete - this will delete the most recent change that is highlighted on the screen

Delete All - this will delete all changes you have made

Crop - this will open the cropping tool

Flip - this will flip (reverse) the photo

Rotate - this will rotate the photo

Draw - this will allow you to draw your changes on the photo

Shape - this will allow you to add a shape to your photo

Icon - this will allow you to add an icon to your photo

Text - this will allow you to add text to your photo

Mask - this will allow you to add a masking photo to your current photo

Filter - this will allow you to filter your photo

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