Do you have processes created in Google Docs already and want an easy way to transform them into engaging training content? The Capture Google Docs feature can quickly take your material from untrackable and forgotten to best-in-class training. 🀩

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🌟 Currently in BETA 🌟

πŸ‘‰ Before you start:

How to begin:

  • Navigate to the Google Doc you wish to import and click on the purple T icon to upload.


  • Open the Trainual Capture Chrome Extension from your Google Chrome extension icon (the puzzle piece to the right of your search bar).

  • Select "Upload Google Docs."

  • Paste the full URL link of the Google Doc you'd like to make a Trainual subject into the "Add Google Docs link" text box.

  • Click "Upload now." You'll be redirected to your Google Doc and to begin formatting your content for transferring.

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How to format your Google Doc to transfer:

  1. Name your Google Doc. The name of your Google Doc will transfer over as the subject name.

  2. Use the formatting below throughout your Google Doc to convert it into a Trainual subject that looks exactly like you want it β€” with every topic name, step name, and piece of step content in the right place.

    To format text, highlight the text > click the Format tab > hover over Paragraph styles > scroll over your desired format > and click the "Apply" option.

    • Title: Topic name

    • Heading 1: Step name

    • Normal text: Content (text within a step)

    πŸ”₯ Tip: Remember that you need a topic name (in Title format, as shown above) followed by a step name (In Heading 1 format, as shown above) at the top of every doc. If you just have one (or have them in the wrong order) the option to add your doc to Trainual may be greyed out or it won't transfer to Trainual correctly.

  3. Click the purple "T" icon to open the Capture menu and see how your content will look when it's added to Trainual.

  4. Hit the "Add to Trainual" button to transfer the content to your Trainual account. πŸŽ‰

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