Completion rates are used in Trainual to help admins understand how much material their users have completed. In simple terms, a user's completion rate is calculated by the amount of content the user has completed out of all content assigned to them. If you'd like more detail, the calculation is:

'Steps + Tests the User Completed' ÷ 'Steps + Tests Assigned'

For example: If a user is assigned 100 elements and completes 50 elements, their completion rate would be 50%.

Trainual also shows a Subject's total completion rate. This is calculated by taking the total number completed Tests and Topics out of all assigned Tests and Topics. In other words:

'Steps + Tests all Users Completed' ÷ 'Steps + Tests Assigned to all Users'

For example: If there are five users assigned to a Subject with 100 elements, that would mean there are 500 total assigned elements. If out of those 500 total elements, 250 are completed, then the completion rate would be 50%.

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