Getting Started Guides

Everything you need to know to set up your Trainual successfully — right from the start!

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Level Up Your Trainual! 📈

Take things up a notch with these strategic guides.

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Trainual Basics, Pro Tips, & FAQs

Get basic information and learn how to get the most out of your Trainual account

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Account & Personal Settings

Learn how to set up and customize your Trainual account

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Creating & Organizing your Playbook Content

Learn best practices for creating and organizing content inside of Trainual

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Publishing, Assigning, & Sharing Subjects

Learn how to publish Subjects and assign them to your people

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Viewing & Completing Assigned Subjects (General Users)

Learn how General Users access and use Trainual

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People, Roles, & Teams

Learn how to add and manage your team members in Trainual

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Reports & Data

Learn how to generate progress and usage reports

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Sometimes things don't work. Here's what to do.

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Learn how to view and manage your Trainual subscription

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Learn about all the possible integrations with Trainual

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