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Trainual x Zapier Triggers
Trainual x Zapier Triggers

Learn what triggers are supported with our Zapier integration.

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Supported Triggers:

  • Subject Completed - Triggers when a user completes a subject

  • Topic Completed - Triggers when a user completes a topic

  • All Subjects Completed - Triggers when a user completed all assigned subjects

  • Test Failed - Triggers when a user fails any test

  • Test Passed - Triggers when a test is passed

Supported Actions:

  • Assign Roles - Assigns roles to a selected user

  • Invite New User - Invites a new user to your account

  • Assign Subjects - Assigns subjects to a selected user

  • Unassign Roles - Unassigns roles from a user

  • Unassign Subjects - Unassigns subjects from a user

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