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Add an interactive presentation to your content with Google Slides

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If you want to add an interactive presentation to your Trainual, Google Slides is the way to go! Learn how to add your Google Slides presentation to your content.

To embed a Google Slides presentation:

  1. Within Google Slides, click the "Share" button on the top right of your slide deck.

  2. Click "Copy link."

    1. IMPORTANT: You may need to adjust who can access the link.

  3. Navigate to the Trainual step where you want to embed the slide presentation.

  4. Click the Quick Embed icon in the toolbar, search for and select Google Slides from the list.

  5. Paste the copied share link and click "Embed."

And just like magic, your slide deck will appear in a neat and tidy player window:

FYI - Any videos and/or hyperlinks in the slides will be clickable in the viewer window!

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