Trainual Monthly Recap

Learn about the Monthly Recap email

The Trainual Monthly Recap email will be sent to Billing Admin and Admins inboxes monthly. And it will include important information from the previous month, like:

  • What content needs your attention

  • What users are interacting with inside your account

  • Ways that you can dive back in quickly

We’ll go over each section in more detail below. 👇

Completion rates

First, you’ll notice an overall account completion rate. This is the average completion based on users in your account on the day the email is sent.

Need some TLC

The “Need some TLC” section includes Subjects that haven't been edited in 90+ days. So, consider this section your gentle reminder to check that your processes are up to date and update them as needed!

This section will only show if you have content that could use some attention. So if you don't see it, don't worry!

Unpublished Subjects

The “Unpublished Subjects” section is just what it sounds like - it's a running list of any content that hasn't been rolled out yet! Plus, we'll even include a link to goes directly to these Subjects. That way, you can easily jump back in and get them across the finish line!

See some Subjects that you decided not to move forward with? Simply archive these Subjects so that they don't pop up on next month's roundup!

This section will only show up if you have content that needs your attention. So if you don't see this section, you're all good!

Submit a feature request:

If there's something you'd love to see included in these emails in the future, submit your great idea to the Trainual Product team.