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Slow Load Times

Review reasons for Trainual slow loading and best practices for improving speed.

Are slow load times getting in the way of your productivity?

We don't blame you. There are a number of reasons a page may run or load slowly, most of which do not pertain directly to the platform. Here are some factors that contribute to pages loading slowly:

  1. Network connectivity: Your personal connection to the internet.

    1. Try resetting your wifi router. This can be done by unplugging it and plugging it back in or by pressing the reset button (typically located on the back of the router).

  2. Plug-ins: The number of browser plug-ins running in the background.

    1. Try closing out any browser tabs and/or apps running in the background that you do not need. This should help improve speed!

  3. Browser caching: Your browser stores historical data and needs to be cleared from time to time.

    1. If you don't clear your cache frequently, your browser will store things like files, previous pages you've visited, previous states of a page without updates, images, and other multimedia content. It is important to clear your cache so you can ensure that what you're seeing is a "fresh" version of your page. You can see how to clear your cache on Chrome here.

  4. Server connectivity & location: Depending on where you are located in relation to our servers, this could contribute to slow loading times. Our servers are US-based.

    1. Our engineers have worked to improve speed for our Trainual friends outside of the US, so if you are continuing to experience slow load times, please report this to support@trainual.com so we can document and look into the issue further.

  5. High traffic volume: This can happen if there is a surge of activity on the same page. The likelihood of this being the reason is low, although it is still a possibility.

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