Are you looking for a way to tidy up your content? Learn how to get a more polished look by arranging multiple images side-by-side in your Steps!

To add images side-by-side (horizontally), follow the process below:

  1. Insert images to your Step by using the "Insert Image" tool

  2. Click directly on the uploaded image

  3. Change the Display to "Inline" for all images

  4. Change the alignment to "Left" for all images

  5. Resize the images so they can fit horizontally next to each other

  6. The images will automatically align once they are sized appropriately to fit side-by-side

📹 See the video below for a guided walkthrough on how to align your images side-by-side!

📝 Note: Keep in mind that if a user is viewing the content on a contracted or smaller screen, such as on a smartphone, images may still display in a stacked, vertical format.

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