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Learn how to place photos side by side in your steps.

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Are you looking for a way to tidy up your content? Learn how to get a more polished look by arranging multiple images side-by-side in your steps!

To add images side-by-side (horizontally), follow the process below:

  1. Insert a table with the number of columns and rows equal to the amount of images you want to add side-by-side.

  2. Insert images into the cells of your table by using the "Add image" tool.

  3. Resize the images so they can fit horizontally next to each other.

πŸ“Ή See the video below for a guided walkthrough on how to align your images side-by-side!

πŸ“ Please note: If a user is viewing the content on a contracted or smaller screen, such as on a smartphone, images may display in a stacked, vertical format.

To adjust table rows and columns:

Click on the three dots to the far left-hand side of your table (see image below).

This will pull up a small, centered menu on your screen that will allow you to...

  • Add a new row above the highlighted row.

  • Add a new row below the highlighted row.

  • Change the color of the background of the cells in that row.

  • Remove (aka β€” delete) the highlighted row.

These same actions can be done with table columns if the three dots at the top of the column are clicked.

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