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Delete People

Learn how to permanently delete people from your account

When someone no longer needs access to Trainual, you can delete them to free up space to add a new person. Deleted people do not count towards your total people allotment.

📝 Please note: When you delete someone from your account, it is permanent and there is no way to get them or records of their progress back. You're saying bye...

To permanently delete a team member:

  1. Click the Account tab on the left-hand navigation bar and then click "Manage users"

  2. Click on the three dots to the far right of your preferred teammate and click "Delete"

  3. Confirm permanent deletion of your teammate and all of their records by clicking "Yes, Delete"

If an existing team member does not need access to your account now, but you want the ability to add them back later, see our Archive & Unarchive People resource.

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