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Change Your Avatar

Learn how to upload your favorite profile pic.

Time to spruce up your profile by adding your best headshot! And remember, if the People Directory is enabled in your company's account, everyone will see your avatar - so make sure you're looking fresh.

⤴ To change your avatar:

  1. Press "Account" on the left-hand side of the page.

  2. Press "Manage Users."

  3. Open your profile.

  4. Click on your current photo (or if you have not yet uploaded an avatar, this will appear as your initials) - this will display a pop-up window.

  5. Click on "Remove photo" to upload a new image.

  6. Find your preferred photo from your computer desktop and select "open."

  7. Make adjustments (if desired)

    • Adjust the distance of the image using the adjustment bar.

    • Click, hold, drag, and release the photo into the desired placemen.

  8. Click "Save" to finalize.

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