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Saving Failed

Learn how to troubleshoot the 'Saving Failed' error

There may be a time when you notice that changes to your Trainual content are not being saved or you see a 'Saving Failed' Error under the Share Changes button when editing a Step. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this error and ensure that your content is saving correctly.


✅ Chrome Browser

For the most seamless experience with the Trainual platform, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser. The reason for this is that the Google Chrome browser is updated frequently and is compatible with a large majority of platforms. We have found some browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox don’t get updated as often resulting in issues.


➡️ To download the Chrome browser, click here!


✅ Single Browser Window

Keeping only one web browser window of the platform open at a time is essential. Having multiple windows of the Trainual platform when editing content can have an effect on the saving feature within the text editor. Trainual has an autosave feature that saves your content anytime a change is made. If you have two different tabs open when editing content, this may cause the autosave feature to malfunction and/or save over the content that you previously had on another page.


✅ Clear Cache

If you don't clear your cache frequently your browser will store things like files, previous pages you've visited, previous states of a page without updates, images, and other multimedia content. Follow the steps below to clear your cache in the Chrome Browser:

  1. Open your Chrome browser

  2. At the top right of the browser window click the 3-dot ellipsis menu

  3. Click More tools > Clear browsing data...

  4. Select 'All time' in the drop-down menu next to time range

  5. Check the box next to 'Cached images and files'

  6. Click Clear Data

➡️ For instructions on how to clear the cache in Edge, Safari, and Firefox browsers click here!


✅ Special Characters

The use of special characters can affect the saving feature within the text editor. The reason for this is that grouping certain special characters together can be read as text commands.

An example of this is the text phrase "=CONCAT(A1, B1, C)", a command used in excel. If you have text commands within your content and are seeing the Saving Failed error, go ahead and remove the text and reinsert with a space between the characters. So instead of using "=CONCAT(A1, B1, C)" you would use "= CONCAT (A1, B1, C)"




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