Create an Account or Log In to Existing Account

  1. Go to the Zapier website

  2. Select the Sign Up button in the top right-hand corner, enter your information in the form, or choose Sign Up with Google

Connecting Trainual & Zapier

Before you can create a Zap using Trainual, you must connect your account. Do this, click the “Connect” button. 

A window will pop up asking you to login to your Trainual account, as shown below.

Enter your email and password used to login to your Trainual account along with your account's subdomain, then click "Yes, Continue."

Don’t have a Trainual account yet? No problem! Sign up on then come back to connect your account.

Once you connect your account, you'll see it listed like shown below.

Test your connection, click "Save + Continue" then proceed with making your first Trainual Zap!

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