How Are Completion Rates Calculated?

Learn how Trainual calculates the completion rates of your team.

Completion rates are used in Trainual to help you understand how much material your teammates have completed.

👉 Before you start:

  • Completion scores are available on all subscriptions.

  • To view the completion scores for all team members, you will need Admin+ permission levels.

  • Managers can view the completion scores for people assigned to the same team as them.

  • If you are an Author level team member or below, you can only view your own completion scores.

Simply put:

A person's overall completion rate is calculated by the amount of content they have completed out of all content assigned to them.

The math:

[# of Full topics + tests the person has completed] ÷ [All topics + tests the person is assigned]


If a person is assigned 100 topics and tests and they complete 50 topics and tests, their completion rate would be 50%.

Trainual also shows you a subject's total completion rate.

Simply put:

A subject's total completion rate is calculated by the total number of completed tests and topics out of all assigned tests and topics.

The math:

[# of Topics + tests completed by everyone assigned] ÷ [Total # of topics + tests in the subject]


If there are five people assigned to a subject with 100 topics + tests, that would mean there are 500 total assigned topics + tests. If out of those 500 total topics + tests, 250 are fully completed, then the subject completion rate would be 50%.