🚨 Note: This feature is available for the Scale plan only.

So what does location control with IP Restrictions mean anyway?

Enabling location control in your account settings allows you to add specific IP addresses. This will block people from accessing your account unless they log in with an approved IP address (like your office, for instance).

For some, the benefit of Trainual is being able to access from anywhere. For others, the benefit is being able to control access (unlike a paper manual or shared Dropbox folders which can be accessed from anywhere).

To enable location control

  1. Click the three dots next to your profile icon

  2. Select Account Info

  3. Scroll down to Advanced Settings

  4. Turn ON "Restrict login by IP Address?"

  5. Enter your desired IP Address

    1. πŸ“ Note: if you need to add your current IP, it's listed at the bottom of the page for you πŸ‘

🚨Note: Billing Admins + Admins can always access the account, no matter their IP Address.

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