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Email Delivery Issues

Learn tips & tricks to help improve email delivery from Trainual.

Not receiving emails from Trainual? Let's explore some best practices that can help get those email notifications to your inbox! 🔨

Email delivery issues can happen because of many reasons. Your junk folder may be hoarding emails, messages may be blocked, or emails simply may not be making it to your inbox. Not ideal, right?

Right...So, let's review best practices to ensure you receive Trainual emails!

✅ Check your junk folder

Check your junk/spam folder to see if Trainual emails live there. If you find a Trainual email in your junk, move the message to your inbox. Do this in Gmail here and Outlook here.

After moving the email to your inbox, follow the instructions below to safelist Trainual emails. ⬇

✅ Safelist Trainual

Safelisting emails tell your email host that you know and trust the messages coming from that email address. Adding no-reply@trainual.com to your safe sender's list of "approved" email addresses can help ensure your Trainual email notifications make it to your inbox.

✅ Make sure Trainual is not on your block list

Make sure no-reply@trainual.com is not on your blocked sender's list. If Trainual is on your block senders list, it will prevent emails from delivering to your inbox. Learn how to check and remove no-reply@trainual.com from your blocked sender list for Outlook here and Gmail here.

That's better.

Once an email leaves our platform, we no longer have control over whether or not your email provider routes the email to your inbox. We can see statuses such as whether or not an email was delivered, bounced, deferred, or blocked.

📨 Have additional questions? Contact Trainual support!

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