Trainual + Workday Integration

Streamline all of your business analytics and employee training with the Workday + Trainual Integration. With this integration, you’ll have the ability to quickly add people in your Workday account to your Trainual account.

✅ The Workday + Trainual Integration is only available for select subscriptions. Reach out to support directly to see if your plan qualifies. 📧

Managers, Admins, and Billing Admins can use this feature!

To connect to Workday:

  1. Expand the Account options from the left-hand navigation menu and choose "Integrations."

  2. Click on “Workday

  3. Click “Connect Your Workday Account

  4. Click “Continue” on the popup giving information about Finch

  5. Click “Continue” again

  6. Sign in with your Workday username, password, and custom group report JSON endpoint

  7. Click “Invite my team

  8. And voilà! You’ll receive a notification letting you know that your integration is setting up.

To invite teammates to Trainual using Workday:

  1. Click on the Account tab from the left-hand navigation menu and then hit "Manage users."

  2. In the top right, you'll see an 'Add teammate' button

  3. Click the drop-down menu to the right of the “Add teammate” button and click “Workday User Import

  4. Click the checkbox to the left of each teammate you’d like to add to your Trainual account. To select them all, click the checkbox next to “Import” on the top left.

  5. Choose an email and permission level for each person you’re adding using the dropdowns to the right of their name.

    1. 📝 Please note: To add someone using Workday, they must have an email address on file in Workday. You'll also want to make sure your plan has enough remaining invites before attempting to import new users.

  6. To add teammates to your account and send them invite emails, click "Import and invite."

  7. To add teammates to your account without sending them invite emails, click “Import & invite later.”

To disconnect from Workday:

  1. Expand the Account options from the left-hand navigation menu and choose "Integrations."

  2. Click on “Workday” then “Disconnect.

📝 Please note: The Workday integration is not automated, meaning every time you add someone to your Workday account they will not be automatically added to your Trainual account. You will need to go through the import process each time you would like to import your team from Workday.

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