Learn how to use the Trainual + BambooHR integration

BambooHR software collects and organizes payroll, benefits, compliance, and HR information for your business. With the Trainual + BambooHR integration, you can automatically add all of your BambooHR users to your Trainual account. Automate how you take people from just hired to fully onboarded with the BambooHR integration. 🤩

✅ To enable this integration you will need to be A Company Administrator with the ability to create an API token in the BambooHR account.

To connect to BambooHR:

  1. Expand the Account options from the left-hand navigation menu and choose "Integrations."

  2. Find the BambooHR integration and click the "Read More" button.

  3. Click "Connect your BambooHR Account."

  4. Click "Continue" through two prompts to get to the BambooHR sign-in popup.

  5. Log into BambooHR using your BambooHR subdomain, username, and password and click "Sign In."

    📝 Please note: The subdomain for your BambooHR account is not your whole BambooHR URL. For example, if your BambooHR URL is <>, you will want to list "rosebud" as your subdomain.

  6. Once logged into your BambooHR account, you'll notice the "Connect your provider account" button is disabled and a "Disconnect" option appears. This means the connection was successful!

After your Trainual account is integrated with your BambooHR account, you can bulk-import your teammates to Trainual!

To import your BambooHR people to Trainual:

  1. Click the Account tab on the left-hand navigation bar and then click "Manage users."

  2. Click the dropdown next to the "Add teammate" button on the top right-hand corner of the page.

  3. Select "Add BambooHR Users."

  4. Check the boxes on the left-hand side of each team member you'd like to add to your Trainual account.

  5. Verify the email addresses and set the permission level for each person.

  6. Invite users by selecting the "Import & invite" or "Import & invite later" option.

  7. A confirmation window will appear, indicating how many team members were invited.

Now, you're rockin' and rollin' with your Bamboo (HR account) 🎉

📝 Please note: The BambooHR integration is not automated, meaning every time you add someone to your BambooHR account they will not be automatically added to your Trainual account. You will need to go through the import process each time you would like to import your team from BambooHR!

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