Emojis. You know you love them. Or maybe you don't πŸ˜† But hey, when used well, they can add some pizazz to your content! Yes...pizazz!

Subject Title Emojis

You can select an emoji to display along with the Subject title.

This is super useful because it lets you create a visual distinction between your different subjects. Plus, it looks awesome 🀩

πŸ”₯ PRO TIP: Use the same emoji for related subjects to indicate a series.

This is how subject title emojis look on the My Desk page. Pretty snazzy!

Emojis everywhere else

There are lots of places you might want to use emojis. The good news is, your computer has a built-in emoji keyboard that you can use to add emojis wherever you like, such as in Topic and Step titles, or in the content itself.

To access your built-in emoji keyboard, use the following commands:

  • Mac: (Control + Command + Space)

  • PC: (Windows logo key + . (period))

You can also access the emoji keyboard from your browser:

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