Insert Wistia Videos Using Quick Embeds
Learn to insert your Wistia videos directly into Trainual!
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Embedding Wistia videos into your Trainual account is easier than ever using Quick Embeds!

First, get the link for your Wistia video

  1. Login to your Wistia account

  2. Find the video you want

  3. Click the "</> Embed & Share" button

  4. Navigate to the Share option

  5. Click "Copy Link"

Next, let's insert it into Trainual!

  1. Navigate back to your Trainual account

  2. Find the Step you want to insert your video in

  3. In your Step toolbar, click Quick Embeds (hint: it's the blue lightning bolt)

  4. Search and select Wistia

  5. Paste your video link

  6. Click "Embed"

That's it! Your video is now playable right from your Trainual Step. πŸŽ‰

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